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ITI SUVIDYA, Institutions had been offering education based on the Integrated Montessori Framework with fun filled worksheets Modules since 2006. The Montessori methodology was developed over a century ago by Dr. Maria Montessori based on her research and understanding of a child's learning tendencies as they unfold in prepared environments. The Montessori Method is a comprehensive approach addressing children's needs from birth to adulthood. the prepared environments are built using equipment and techniques that form part of the Montessori Method and are structured to maximize a child's Independent learning and exploration

We will also challenge ourselves to:

Develop reading and writing skills for school readiness upon entering first grade in English.

Develop pre-reading skills in Hindi and Kannada

Develop emotional growth, physical coordination, and cognitive preparation

Help build self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation

Develop and refine sensory motor skills

Observe and record observations to encourage children to move in sequential order within the curriculum

Encourage creativity

Provide a framework of discipline and peaceful education in which children will have opportunities to develop social skills including grace and courtesy

Develop ability to identify prompt order, coordination, concentration and independence

Develop respect for others, for their environment and themselves




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